Bar SuperNova

System&Bar rules

Charge 500yen
We accept a credit card. Cigar is payment by cash.
Check by a group lumping.
Cigars are available only to those who have seats here.
We limit the entrance of our customers to 1 parties(4 people)at one time.

This is a quiet drinking place.

Make sure that your phone is in silent mode.
You can take photo,but please refrain from using the flash.

Homemade infusion spirits cocktails

・Cumin seeds Moscow Mule 1400yen
・Hot chili Bloodymary 1200yen
・Lemongrass Gin&Tonic 1100yen
・Ginger Hot Bullshot 1400yen
・Allspice Cuba Libre 1300yen
・Cinnamon Daiquiri 1400yen
・Rose Cosmopolitan 1400yen
・Sage Martini 1400yen
・Estragon Gimlet 100yen
・Coffee Barbara 1500yen


・山崎Yamazaki12y 1700yen
・Ballantine’s17y 1600yen
・Oldpar12y 1300yen
・Chivas18y 2000yen
・The Glenlivet12y 1350yen
・Glenfiddich12y 1350yen
・Maccallan12y 1650yen
・Aberlour12y 1500yen
・Laphroaig10y 1500yen
・Ardbeg10y 1500yen
Additionally I have that variously.


・ 季の美ki no bi 1050yen
・和美人wa bi gin 1050yen
・Bols Aged Genever 1250yen
・Tanqueray 900yen

・Pyrat XO 1100yen
・Havana Club7y 1200yen
・Laodi Brown 1600yen
・Plantation XO 1650yen
・Dictador12y 1650yen

・Grey Goose 1100yen

・Patron Silver 1550yen
・Jose Cuervo Tradicional 1100yen

・Tacama Most Verde Quebranta 1650yen
・Tacama Most Verde Italia 1650yen



・Grass wine red 950yen
・Grass wine white 950yen


I have about 25 different kinds of cigars with Cuba as the main.
Please ask

The business hours and holiday

Weekday 17:00~3:00
Sunday,Holiday 19:00~24:00
Regular day off  3rd Wednesday